Stabilisation West end works

The upper section of the west wall collapsed taking with it the iconic Rose Window, leaving a large hole.  The porch has moved and broken away from what remains of the wall.

We will install a supporting frame similar to the one below in the upper part of the west wall and deconstruct the lower part, including the porch, to allow machine access into the Cathedral.

Stone masons will carefully remove the damaged and loose sections of stone. A prefabricated steel frame will be lifted into place.  This frame provides the underlying structure within which the reinstated Rose Window will once again sit, and it gives the building strength.

This frame will be covered to give weather-proof and help protect the Cathedral.

September 2020 – Work to remove loose slate and secure some of the roofing timber was carried out.  Areas of the roof have been reinforced on both sides to prevent further damage and to ensure loose roofing slate isn’t dislodged during works.

November 2020 – In the past few weeks we’ve been carefully deconstructing the remaining areas of the Rose Window (see photo above) in preparation for the installation of the steel frame in early December.

December 2020 – The steel frame has been installed including a weather-tight cover that has an image of what the reinstated Cathedral will look like.

Image (right): Work to remove loose slate and secure some of the roofing timber is being carried out.