A Cathedral is simply a building without people

This project is about much more than reinstating a Cathedral.

Our goal is to connect (or reconnect) people with Christ Church Cathedral. We want people to have plenty of information.  We want to engage people in memorable and interesting ways; and because we are a charitable enterprise, we need to do this on a budget!

We connect in many ways.

  • Collecting and sharing people’s Cathedral stories.
  • Videos. These tell the stories of our events and capture the stories of people who’ve been involved with the Cathedral over the years.  We want to capture as many stories as we can, while our project creates a whole new set of stories.   If you have a special story, please get in touch.
  • Social media. Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the icons.
  • Media releases.
  • A brand that stands out from the crowd. Brand is about much more than ‘how we look’.  We want to be warm, welcoming and approachable.
  • Information at the Cathedral site, such as signage and work notices. This is really important for visitors and locals who walk past the Cathedral and want to know about what’s going on. We are planning for the information on our Cathedral fencing to be engaging and interactive.  Watch this space!