August work notice

July 30, 2019
In August we'll be doing some soil sampling, and removing moss and other unwanted vegetation.


Taking soil samples

We’ll be collecting information on ground conditions, including taking some core samples using drill rigs and other machinery.

Afterwards, all holes and pits will be carefully backfilled within 48 hours.

An archaeologist and heritage professional will oversee the works and help us to take care of any artefacts that we may uncover.

Engineers will use the information collected to work out the size and strength of the structures needed to stabilise and repair the cathedral.

Removing moss and other vegetation from the building

We’ll be removing moss, lichen and grass that has taken hold on the Cathedral building.  This will help to preserve the stonework.  The treatment will be applied by trained professionals and will not be a hazard to workers on the site or the general public.

We will also be removing self-seeded saplings which have grown up near the heritage features on the site.


There is a temporary gate in the Cathedral fence near the Chalice to enable access for the machinery.  Once the work is finished (around late August), the wooden panels will be put back.


Noise – So that the protected trees on the east of the site are not impacted, one of the test bores will be drilled into the footpath.   This has to be done at night when there is least traffic.

The work is planned for Wednesday 7 August (with the next night as a back-up).  Some of the machinery will sound like a jackhammer, but for short periods only and will be finished before midnight.

Traffic – Traffic access will be maintained at all times, however, traffic may be limited to one lane for short periods for night works. Traffic signage will be in place to direct motorists and pedestrians.

  • All work is subject to favourable weather and on-site conditions.

Please contact us with any questions:  or