Kids, COVID19 and the Cathedral

May 19, 2020
While we were all in our bubbles over the past few weeks, we saw an opportunity to creatively engage children about the project.

Early in the COVID19 lockdown, the project put a call out for ‘mini superstars’ to help create a fun and informative video that tells the story of the Cathedral’s history through the eyes of children.

Kids are naturally inquisitive and creative and there was immediate interest.  We sent parents the scripts, they filmed their sections in their home bubbles, and emailed them back for compilation.  We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and talent of the children, who’ve really brought the Cathedral’s story to life.

The video is by kids for kids, using simple language and child friendly concepts and characterisations.

Many people contact the project to share their fond memories and stories about the Cathedral but most children today have not yet had the chance to create memories because they haven’t been able to go inside the Cathedral or were too young to remember.

One of the children involved, Jessica Erasmus says she really enjoyed being able to participate in something so special.

“Sharing this story is an important part of history. It is special to me because this is my church and I used to go here as a baby and toddler. Then we had the earthquake and we have been in the Transitional Cathedral since,” says Jessica.

Jessica’s mother Clare says Christ Church Cathedral is a big part of their family’s lives and it is exciting to watch its development.

“The Cathedral is an important place of worship for Christchurch’s people. We know that the project is being managed by highly skilled professionals and it will be stronger than before, which kind of reflects our people of Christchurch. Our city has been through some major events, we have come out stronger. Kia Kaha,” says Mrs Erasmus.

The project loves to engage with children. Why? Because children matter, and a quarter of New Zealand’s population is children.