Stabilisation is the first physical step to reinstating the Cathedral.  It will address severe structural damage and prevent further damage until the Cathedral has been reinstated.  It will also ensure the building is safe for workers and enable access to parts of the Cathedral.  Watch Project Director Keith Paterson explain progress as at September 2020.


It involves:

  • Installing support frames to support and secure the Cathedral
  • Deconstructing some badly-damaged sections to manage collapse hazards, and allow access to other areas. These parts will later be reinstated.
  • Removing more recent additions to the Cathedral to give safer and faster access to stabilise the older parts
  • Accessing the interior of the building for salvage and investigation works
  • Retrieving heritage items, including the remaining stained glass windows and organ
  • Temporary weather-proofing.


In the latter part of 2020 people will see steel framing and scaffolding progressively being erected.   We estimate stabilisation will take between 18 and 24 months.


Ten areas of work are planned, however the order is indicative only, and may change and/or overlap.

Each area of work will have its own methodology.