Internal virtual tour

December 1, 2020
Take a drone tour of the inside of the Cathedral, narrated by Heritage Professional Jenny May. The footage was captured by Beca in 2019.

Watch the video.

What was the footage used for?

It is not safe at this stage for anyone to go inside the Cathedral due to the risk of collapse and falling materials. The drone footage has therefore been invaluable for architects, heritage professionals, engineers and contractors to view the interior and assess the damage.  This then allows the sequencing of work to be developed and the methodology options for executing the work. Once the current phase (stabilisation) of the project has progressed to the point when it is deemed safe enough for people to enter the Cathedral, more investigations can be done to validate our existing information.

The drone flight path covered only the main cathedral at low level medium level and high level and produced high definition photographs and video suitable for interrogation by the project team.

What it shows

The footage gives everyone a common understanding of the condition inside the cathedral.  It shows that there is significant contamination from feral pigeons and gives us an indication of where the structural damage is more severe.  It allows us to make preliminary determinations about what may be able to be repaired in place and how much of the ashlar lining will have to be removed.  It has assisted us with scoping the retrieval and decontamination phase of the work.

What has been learned from the footage? 

We can validate the more recent structural damage assessment reports by closely inspecting the interior photographs.  It has helped us identify the remaining heritage material that needs to be retrieved for repair and reinstatement, and informs our health and safety planning and management. Overall this exercise has provided useful information for design and construction planning, scoping and management.