The Project


To reinstate Christ Church Cathedral, as an awe-inspiring symbol of life, regeneration and healing, and as a testament to what can be achieved by people working together.



The Cathedral will be reinstated in three phases. The main Cathedral building will be first, followed by the ancillary buildings (including the Visitor Centre) and, finally, the Tower.


We’ve are currently focused on the pre-construction design and planning that is critical for effective project delivery.

The design to stabilise the Cathedral is underway.

Physical stabilisation is planned to begin in April 2020 (subject to approvals) and will take between 18 and 24 months.

Physical reinstatement of the main Cathedral can start once the structure is stabilised.

There will be ongoing site maintenance.


As planning progresses we’ll have more information about the timing of next steps.

Overall, the project is expected to take between 7 and 10 years.

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About us


The reinstatement of Christ Church Cathedral is being delivered by the charitable company Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited (CCRL). It has two equal shareholders – Church Property Trustees (CPT) and Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Trust (CCRT).

Working together, they create a solid foundation for reinstatement.

The Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project


Key partners and supporters


The reinstatement project would not be possible, without the generous support of the Government, Christchurch City Council, donation pledges from the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust (GCBT) and other donors and supporters.

For more background on the Cathedral and the Project check out our FAQS page.

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