Resource consent application

October 20, 2020
Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited has lodged a resource consent application.

Questions and answers

Why has Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited lodged this resource consent application?

This application for the Reinstatement of the Christ Church Cathedral and its setting, follows on from the earlier consented enabling works (RMA/2019/2957), is a land use consent for the remainder of the works required to reinstate the Cathedral.

What does the consent cover?

The consent covers all the remaining reinstatement works which include the retention and restoration of the heritage fabric of the Cathedral, as far as practicable, while also undertaking extensive strengthening work. The reinstatement works include the following:

  • Strengthening and reinstatement of the existing main Cathedral building
  • Reinstatement of the west porch, tower and vestries
  • Construction of new buildings required for the Cathedral to function successfully as a spiritual facility and as a place for ministry, including a Visitors’ Centre on the north and a ‘Cathedral Centre’ on the southern. The Visitors’ Centre includes a café, museum, and retail spaces within the basement and a lower courtyard. The Cathedral Centre is a two-level gathering, mission and administration building for the Church.
  • Deconstruction and removal of the Citizens’ War Memorial to storage
  • Landscaping and civil works to the site (hard and soft scape), including the relocation (within the site) of the Columbarium and sections of the Wigram Wall, the creation of a lower courtyard area, the expression of a cultural narrative in the landscape surrounding the Cathedral, and the introduction of soft landscaping on the site
  • Temporary elements for the duration of the works, including temporary signage and hoarding to the edge of the kerb line to encompass the currently (temporarily) closed footpath. This will be removed once the reinstatement is completed.

What is involved in the consent process?

An Order in Council (Order) enacted under the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Act 2017 (Act), has recently come into force.

The purpose of the Act is to provide for an efficient and effective reinstatement process including providing early certainty and confidence that the reinstatement project is able to be delivered.

The current Order ensures there is transparency throughout the policy process and engagement processes specified in the Act.  It also gives Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited the assurance it can consent the proposed works without any delay to the construction programme.

The Order allows our resource consent application to be processed, by Christchurch City Council, as a Controlled Activity on a non-notified basis.  Christchurch City Council, in conjunction with relevant experts, will determine appropriate conditions of consent and be involved in the ongoing monitoring and compliance checks associated with the works.

What’s happening with the Citizen’s War Memorial?

The Citizens’ War Memorial (CWM) will be deconstructed and removed from the Cathedral site to enable the construction of the new Visitor’s Centre and the reconfiguration of the northern side of the site.

Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited will be responsible for the careful removal and safe storage of the CWM and for repairing any damage as a result of dismantling the CWM.  Any actual maintenance required to the CWM will be a matter for the others to decide and agree on.  The strengthening and relocation of the CWM to a new site would be subject to a future consent process by others.

What other consent have been granted for the project?

RMA/2019/2957 – Enabling Works

On 2 March 2020, resource consent RMA/2019/2957 was approved by CCC.  This consent provides for enabling works to be undertaken to the Christ Church Cathedral and its setting as part of the reinstatement process.  This includes contractor site establishment, and stabilisation of the Cathedral building via deconstruction, partial demolition, insertion of temporary support structures and weatherproofing of the main Cathedral building.

This consent also provided for the removal of the existing visitors centre and the eastern annexe building (vestries), the deconstruction of the remaining tower element and the west porch.


On 1 July 2018, resource consent RMA/2018/1399 was approved by CCC for the removal of asbestos contaminated fill on the Cathedral site.

RMA/2018/2758 – Safety Barriers

On 27 November 2018, resource consent RMA/2018/2758 was approved by CCC to install a 26m long by 3m high safety barrier on the eastern end of the Cathedral site.

RMA/2019/1222 Tree Maintenance and Geotech Testing

On 23 July 2019, resource consent RMA/2019/1222 was approved by CCC, which provides for the Comprehensive Maintenance and Management of the ‘Significant Trees’ on site for the duration of the Cathedral Reinstatement Project. The resource consent also allowed for the removal of a non-listed tree within the ‘Heritage Setting’ and Geotechnical Investigations

 Archaeological Authority 2019-587

On 02 May 2019, HNZPT granted an Archaeological Authority, ref 2019-587.  This provides for the management of sub-surface & excavation processes on the site at #100 Cathedral Square and the road reserve to the north, south and east of the site.