Work notice – May to July 2020

May 22, 2020
We are setting up the site for construction and preparing for stabilisation.

Setting up the construction site

  • We are getting the site ready so work can be done safely and efficiently. You will see us installing worker site sheds.
  • We will also carefully remove and store the heritage Wigram Wall.

Preparing to stabilise the Cathedral

The first major step in the project is stabilising the Cathedral so it is safe enough to work on.   In preparation we’ll:

  • use a small crane to inspect the walls and roof
  • clear away material that could come loose or pose safety hazards
  • remove the rest of the frame from in front of the Cathedral to enable access.

One of the first places we will stabilise is the South Transept.  We will begin working on the stonework and begin the foundations needed for the first supportive frame that will help to stabilise the building.


There may be low level noise from trucks and machinery during the day.