Work Notice – March 2020

March 9, 2020
Pre-construction site inspection

We plan to begin the physical work to stabilise the Cathedral, once consents and approvals are in place.  Our contractors, architects, heritage advisors, structural engineers and stonemasons will be conducting a pre-construction site inspection.  This will involve a survey of the areas surrounding the Cathedral and a close inspection of some of the key work zones.  The contractors will use a knuckle boom (a small crane with a basket attached) to inspect the Cathedral up close from a safe distance.

Temporary site office

We will be replacing the existing portacabin on the Cathedral site with a temporary site office.  This replacement will be a similar sized temporary building in approximately the same location.

Site maintenance

We’ll also use this opportunity to do some maintenance of the Cathedral grounds including lawn mowing and the removal of redundant structural steel.

This work is weather dependent and will happen in March.

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